Can We Talk About Your Health?

Can we talk?

Registered nurse and licensed acupuncturist. Dedicated wife, loving mother, adoring grandmother and firm believer of holistic health. Home grown in New Orleans, food capital and friendliest place in the world. Living n Honolulu, health capital of the world. How lucky I am!

You control what goes in your mouth. Let me say that again, you control what goes in your mouth. Now, that being said, do you always know what you are really putting into your mouth, your digestive tract, your organs, your health? The answer is commonly no,not really. The caveman/cave woman knew exactly what they were eating-its the old ‘what you see is what you get’ adage. We’ve come a long way baby…but have we? Are you consuming food in its purist source? Is what you see really what you think it is? Or, is it like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? Is it what someone else is saying that is?

Today, most foods are dressed with additives and accessorised with ingredients that add visual appeal or motivated by economic and political gains.  We talk about that in another post. The take away is that before exercising the old hand to mouth reflex, always READ THE LABEL. Notably, we read synopses of  TV shows or movies before we watch them, we read maps, menus, signs, license plates, books reviews, magazines, articles, and much more but seldom do we read the ingredients of what we eat.

Here’s another thought. If you do read food labels, do you understand what the ingredients are and how the impact your health? Do you also realize that there are no strict rules on labeling. For instance, a manufacturer does not have to indicate if the product contains a genetically modified organism (GMO).

So here is some lagniappe (extras) definitions to think about until we chat again:

Diet: Food and drink regularly provided or consumed, habitual nourishment

Nutrition : Processes of taking in and utilizing food substances. Remember, not all food is created equal.

Food: Generates energy and supplies materials used in body tissues and processes. 

Please note that my blog is not just about food but also about health. This blog is not to try to convenience you to adopt certain diets, instead, it is about empowering you to make the best informed decisions that impact your quality of health and life. The choice is yours.

I encourage holistic health and I am seriously concerned about the falling health of our nation. Future blogs will address many things including lifestyle and diet choices, supplements, nutritious foods to include in your diet, occasional recipes, and much, much more. Please stay tuned!

Wow, that’s enough for now. Don’t want to overflow your cup. Upcoming  posts will include critical information you should know that will help you to understand the food you eat and what is in it.

Merci beaucoup (thank you very much) and a hui hou (until we chat again)!


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Sheryl Malin

I am a registered nurse, licensed acupuncturist, and firm believer that holistic medicine generates holistic health. I also believe that diet is the major factor that influences our health. Home grown in New Orleans, granddaughter of a butcher and grocer, I have always been immersed in good food. However, throughout the years I have seen the quality of food plummet while poor health issues in the United States continue to rise.
I realize that most people are too busy to keep up to date about the ever changing issues that affect the quality of our food, our diet, and our health. As an educator, I was compelled to write this blog. My hope is to better inform you about the food you consume and how to make better choices in order to live a healthier life. It’s all about you and the choices you make.
Bon Appétit

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