Ghastly Showers


Beware of Monsters that Lurk

In Your Shower Curtain!!!!!

 You may ask, what does this topic have to do with a “happy belly”? Remember, environmental toxins can show up in our food, our drinking water, the air that we breathe, the soil that we dig in, the drugs that we take, the homes that we live in – just about anywhere! My passion is living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So when it comes to your diet think outside the box.

Did you know that PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shower curtain liners are toxic? They are. These liners outgas dangerous volatile organic compounds like xylene and toluene. Dioxins, endocrine (hormone) disruptors, and even cadmium and lead are also released! To make it worse, heat and humidity increase the levels of VOCs and other toxins being released into the air-making your showers all the more toxic.

If you must use plastic, be sure to avoid the word ‘vinyl’ unless it also shows a PVC-free, PEVA or EVA identification. PEVA stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate. PEVA is non-chlorine, PVC-free, biodegradable material used mostly as a PVC alternative in toy products, baby bibs and shower curtains. Caution, anti-microbial, antibacterial and/or anti-mildew should be avoided as they are open invitations for more unknown chemicals and contribute to our vast overuse of antimicrobial agents. This overuse is causing many serious medical problems-a topic for another post.

If you want to completely eliminate the health concerns associated with vinyl and plastics, you can install a rain showerhead and an organic cotton shower curtain, without a liner. Rain showerheads drop water straight down without too much pressure, eliminating splash. If you can’t live without a strong spray, your best option is to install glass doors rather than having a shower curtain. It’s a little pricy, but consider it an investment in your health.

Healthy alternatives to vinyl may $$$ more but your health…Priceless! 

Here are some links to sites that sell natural fabric shower curtains:
That’s all for now. Stay clean, breathe clean, stay healthy, and above all eat right!

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I am a registered nurse, licensed acupuncturist, and firm believer that holistic medicine generates holistic health. I also believe that diet is the major factor that influences our health. Home grown in New Orleans, granddaughter of a butcher and grocer, I have always been immersed in good food. However, throughout the years I have seen the quality of food plummet while poor health issues in the United States continue to rise.
I realize that most people are too busy to keep up to date about the ever changing issues that affect the quality of our food, our diet, and our health. As an educator, I was compelled to write this blog. My hope is to better inform you about the food you consume and how to make better choices in order to live a healthier life. It’s all about you and the choices you make.
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